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Rough Synonyms & Similar Words
Rough Synonyms & Similar Words

What Are Synonyms And Similar Words To Rough?

abrasive, abruptly-pinnate, acerb, acerbic, acid, acrid, afflictive, aggressive, agrestic, alligatored, ambitious, angry, angulate, approximate, approximative, arduous, artless, assertive, asymmetric, asymmetrical, awful, awkward, baffling, barky, battleful, beastly, bellicose, bidentate, billowing, billowy, bilobate, bilobated, bilobed, binate, bipartite, bipinnate, bipinnatifid, biserrate, bitter, blistering, blowy, blustering, blusterous, blustery, boisterous, boorish, botched, botchy, bouldered, bouldery, bounderish, breezy, broken, bullate, bumpy, bungled, bungling, butcherly, cackly, cacophonic, cacophonous, casual, catchy, caustic, challenging, chapped, choppy, ciliate, ciliated, cleft, clumsy, coarse, coarse-grained, coarse-textured, combative, common, competitive, complex, compound, conjugate, corded, costate, cracked, cragged, craggy, crass, crenate, crenated, crenulate, crenulated, crinkled, crinkly, crispate, croaking, croaky, crooked, cross-grained, crude, crushed, curly-grained, cutting, decompound, delicate, demanding, dentate, denticulate, difficult, dirty, displeasing, dissected, dour, dreadful, drip-dry, dull, edged, effortful, emarginate, embarrassing, erose, even-pinnate, farinaceous, fierce, fimbriate, forbidding, fractious, free, fringed, fumbling, furious, god-awful, grainy, granular, granulated, granulose, grating, gravel, gravelly, grim, gritty, gruff, gusty, guttural, hard, hard-fought, hard-hitting, harsh, hellish, herculean, high-pressure, hilly, hoarse, homespun, hopeless, hostile, hot, humble, hurtful, husky, ill-bred, ill-natured, illegal, imbricate, imbricated, imparipinnate, imprecise, improper, in-your-face, inaccurate, incised, inclement, incompetent, inelegant, inexact, inexperienced, inexperient, irregular, jagged, jaggy, jangling, jangly, jarring, jolting, jolty, jump, jumpy, knotty, lacerate, lacerated, laciniate, large-grained, lepidote, leprose, liberal, lined, lobate, lobed, loose, loutish, low, lowbred, lowly, lubberly, lumpy, malign, mealy, menial, merciless, militant, mortifying, mountainous, nasty, neandertal, neanderthal, noisy, nonskid, nonslip, nonslippery, notched, nubbly, nubby, oafish, obstreperous, occasional, odd, odd-pinnate, offensive, open, out of practice, out of true, painful, palm-shaped, palmate, palmatifid, paripinnate, parted, patchy, pebble-grained, pectinate, pedate, permanent-press, piercing, pinnate, pinnated, pinnatifid, pinnatisect, plush-like, plushy, pocked, pockmarked, potholed, predatory, problematic, problematical, puffy, pugnacious, quinquefoliate, ragged, raging, randomised, randomized, rapacious, raptorial, rasping, raspy, raucous, ravening, raw, rebarbative, rending, repellant, repellent, ribbed, rimose, ripping, rippled, robust, rocky, rough, rough-cut, rough-spoken, rough-textured, roughdried, roughened, roughhewn, roughish, round, rude, rugged, rugose, runcinate, rusty, sandpapery, saw-like, saw-toothed, scabby, scabrous, scalloped, scaly, scraggy, scrappy, scratchy, scurfy, seamed, self-asserting, self-assertive, semiskilled, serious, serrate, serrated, serrulate, shagged, shaggy, sharp, sharp-worded, simple, slubbed, smooth, sore, spinose, splitting, squally, squamulose, squawky, sticky, stinging, stony, stormy, strident, strong, sulfurous, sulphurous, surging, swinish, tall, tart, tempestuous, ternate, textured, thorny, three-lobed, thundery, ticklish, tight, toothed, touchy, tough, tricky, trifoliate, trifoliated, trifoliolate, trilobate, trilobated, trilobed, tripinnate, tripinnated, tripinnatifid, troublesome, truculent, trying, tweedy, twilled, unburnished, unconventional, uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, uncut, underbred, undressed, unenviable, uneven, unfastidious, unfattened, unfinished, ungentlemanlike, ungentlemanly, ungracious, ungrateful, unhappy, unhewn, unironed, unkind, unkindly, unladylike, unlawful, unmerciful, unpainted, unpalatable, unparallel, unpeaceful, unpleasant, unpolished, unpressed, unprocessed, unrefined, unrhythmic, unrhythmical, unsanded, unsheared, unskilled, unskillful, unsmooth, unsteady, unsubdivided, unsympathetic, unsystematic, untrue, venomous, verrucose, vexed, virulent, vitriolic, vulgar, vulturine, vulturous, wartlike, warty, wavelike, wavy, wavy-grained, weak, wild, windy, wrinkled, yokelish

rough is a ADJ.

rough, roughly

rough is a ADV.

rough, rough in, rough out

rough is a VERB.

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