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Impaired Synonyms & Similar Words
Impaired Synonyms & Similar Words

What Are Synonyms And Similar Words To Impaired?

afflicted, anosmic, apractic, apraxic, bandy, bandy-legged, battered, battle-scarred, beat-up, beaten-up, bedraggled, bent, black-and-blue, blemished, blistered, bowed, bowleg, bowlegged, broken, broken-backed, broken-down, bruised, burned, burst, busted, contused, contusioned, crippled, crookback, crookbacked, crumpled, cut, damaged, defaced, dented, derelict, destroyed, dickey, dicky, dilapidated, diminished, dipped, disabled, disjointed, dislocated, dysfunctional, dyslectic, dyslexic, eviscerate, flabby, flaccid, game, gammy, gashed, gibbous, gimpy, halt, halting, handicapped, harmed, hors de combat, humpbacked, humped, hunchbacked, hurt, ill, impaired, injured, knock-kneed, knocked-out, kyphotic, lacerate, lacerated, lame, lessened, livid, lordotic, maimed, mangled, marred, mutilated, out of action, peeling, ramshackle, raw, riddled, ruptured, scorched, scraped, scratched, separated, sick, slashed, soft, spavined, stabbed, storm-beaten, swayback, swaybacked, tatterdemalion, torn, trampled, trodden, tumble-down, unfit, unhealthy, unsound, visually impaired, vitiated, weakened, wounded

impaired is a ADJ.

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