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Straight Synonyms & Similar Words
Straight Synonyms & Similar Words

What Are Synonyms And Similar Words To Straight?

aboveboard, accurate, aligned, around-the-clock, artless, black, bluff, blunt, button-down, buttoned-down, candid, ceaseless, clean, clean-cut, close, concentrated, consecutive, conservative, constant, continual, continuous, conventional, correct, day-and-night, dead on target, dead-on, direct, dogging, door-to-door, downright, echt, endless, erect, erectile, even, exact, faithful, fastidious, fastigiate, flat, flat-footed, flatbottom, flatbottomed, flush, forthright, frank, free burning, free-spoken, full-strength, genuine, groomed, guileless, heterosexual, hi-fi, high-fidelity, honest, honorable, honourable, incessant, ingenuous, justified, law-abiding, lawful, legal, letter-perfect, level, man-to-man, neat, never-ending, no-nonsense, nonstop, observant, orderly, orthostatic, outspoken, passant, perpendicular, perpetual, persisting, plain, plainspoken, plane, plumb, point-blank, pointed, precise, proper, rampant, rearing, right, round-the-clock, ruly, semi-climbing, semi-erect, semi-upright, shipshape, sincere, slicked up, smooth, square, stand-up, standing, statant, steady, steep, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, straight, straight-backed, straight-from-the-shoulder, straight-grained, straightarrow, straightforward, surgical, sustained, through, tidy, trabeate, trabeated, transparent, trig, trim, true, trustworthy, trusty, unbent, unbowed, unbroken, unceasing, uncluttered, uncoiled, uncurled, uncurved, uncurving, undeviating, undiluted, unimaginative, uninterrupted, unlittered, unpermed, unremitting, unsloped, unswerving, untwisted, unvarnished, upended, upfront, upright, veracious, vertical, well-kept, white-bread, word-perfect

straight is a ADJ.

direct, directly, flat, straight

straight is a ADV.

heterosexual, heterosexual person, straight, straight person, straightaway

straight is a NOUN.

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