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Eminent Synonyms & Similar Words
Eminent Synonyms & Similar Words

What Are Synonyms And Similar Words To Eminent?

all important, all-important, alpha, altitudinous, arch, beta, big, boffo, booming, burning, cardinal, central, chief, commanding, condescending, consequential, Copernican, crucial, distinguished, dominant, dominating, eminent, essential, eventful, flourishing, fortunate, fundamental, grand, grave, great, grievous, heavy, high, high-altitude, high-level, high-ranking, high-stepped, high-stepping, high-top, high-topped, historic, important, in, in-chief, key, leading, lofty, made, main, majestic, measurable, most-valuable, no-hit, of import, of the essence, olympian, outstanding, overlooking, palmy, patronising, patronizing, preeminent, primal, primary, principal, productive, prospering, prosperous, roaring, self-made, serious, significant, soaring, steep, strategic, successful, superior, superordinate, sure-fire, tall, thriving, top, towering, triple-crown, undefeated, up, upper, upper-level, valuable, victorious, weighty, winning

eminent is a ADJ.

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