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Burnt Synonyms & Similar Words
Burnt Synonyms & Similar Words

What Are Synonyms And Similar Words To Burnt?

activated, aerated, annealed, annihilated, au gratin, baked, barbecued, batter-fried, blighted, blotted out, boiled, braised, broiled, broken, burned, burned-out, burned-over, burnt, burnt-out, candy-like, cooked, curable, damaged, deep-fried, demolished, despoiled, destroyed, dismantled, done, done for, doped, exterminated, extinguished, fallen, finished, fried, fumed, gone, grilled, hard-baked, hard-boiled, hardened, impoverished, kaput, lyonnaise, medium, obliterate, obliterated, overdone, pancake-style, parched, pillaged, poached, processed, proofed, raped, rare-roasted, ravaged, razed, ready-cooked, roast, roasted, ruined, sacked, saute, sauteed, scorched, seared, shattered, soft-boiled, souffle-like, spoilt, steamed, stewed, sunbaked, sunny-side up, tattered, tempered, toasted, totaled, toughened, treated, wafer-like, war-torn, war-worn, well-done, wiped out, wrecked

burnt is a ADJ.

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