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Propagate Meaning & Definition
Propagate Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Propagate?

[v] multiply sexually or asexually, in biology
[v] cause (plants) to propagate, as by grafting or layering
[v] cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"
[v] transmit or cause to broaden or spread; "This great civilization was propagated throughout the land"
[v] become distributed or widespread; "the infection spread"; "Optimism spread among the population"
[v] transmit, as in physics; "propagate sound or light through air, for example"
[v] travel through the air; "sound and light propagate in this medium"
[v] transmit from one generation to the next; "propagate these characteristics"

Synonyms | Synonyms for Propagate: broadcast | circularise | circularize | circulate | diffuse | disperse | disseminate | distribute | pass around | spread

Related Terms | Find terms related to Propagate:

See Also | air | bare | carry | catch | channel | channelise | channelize | distribute | generalise | generalize | go | go around | inoculate | locomote | move | move | multiply | pass on | popularise | popularize | procreate | propagate | publicise | publicize | reproduce | run | sough | sow | spread | transfer | transmit | transport | travel | vegetate | vulgarise | vulgarize

Propagate In Webster's Dictionary

\Prop"a*gate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Propagated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Propagating}.] [L. propagatus, p. p. of propagare to propagate, akin to propages, propago, a layer of a plant, slip, shoot. See {Pro-}, and cf. {Pact}, {Prop}, {Prune}, v. t.] 1. To cause to continue or multiply by generation, or successive production; -- applied to animals and plants; as, to propagate a breed of horses or sheep; to propagate a species of fruit tree. 2. To cause to spread to extend; to impel or continue forward in space; as, to propagate sound or light. 3. To spread from person to person; to extend the knowledge of; to originate and spread; to carry from place to place; to disseminate; as, to propagate a story or report; to propagate the Christian religion. The infection was propagated insensibly. --De Foe. 4. To multiply; to increase. [Obs.] Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast, Which thou wilt propagate. --Shak. 5. To generate; to produce. Motion propagated motion, and life threw off life. --De Quincey. Syn: To multiply; continue; increase; spread; diffuse; disseminate; promote.
\Prop"a*gate\, v. i. To have young or issue; to be produced or multiplied by generation, or by new shoots or plants; as, rabbits propagate rapidly. No need that thou Should'st propagate, already infinite. --Milton.

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