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Client Meaning & Definition
Client Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Client?

[n] (computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network
[n] someone who pays for goods or services
[n] a person who seeks the advice of a lawyer

Synonyms | Synonyms for Client: customer | guest | node

Related Terms | Find terms related to Client:

See Also | attorney-client relation | business relation | buyer | case | computer | computer network | computing device | computing machine | consumer | data processor | disburser | electronic computer | emptor | expender | frequenter | guest | information processing system | john | lawyer-client relation | patron | policyholder | purchaser | reader | shopper | spender | subscriber | taker | vendee | warrantee | whoremaster | whoremonger

Client In Webster's Dictionary

\Cli"ent\, n. [L. cliens, -emtis, for cluens, one who hears (in relation to his protector), a client, fr. L. cluere to be named or called; akin to Gr. ? to hear, Skr. [,c]ry, and E. loud: cf. F. client. See {Loud}.] 1. (Rom. Antiq.) A citizen who put himself under the protection of a man of distinction and influence, who was called his patron. 2. A dependent; one under the protection of another. I do think they are your friends and clients, And fearful to disturb you. --B. Jonson. 3. (Law) One who consults a legal adviser, or submits his cause to his management.

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