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Tricky Meaning & Definition
Tricky Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Tricky?

[adj] marked by skill in deception; "cunning men often pass for wise"; "deep political machinations"; "a foxy scheme"; "a slick evasive answer"; "sly as a fox"; "tricky Dick"; "a wily old attorney"
[adj] having concealed difficulty; "a catchy question"; "a tricky recipe to follow"
[adj] not to be trusted; "how extraordinarily slippery a liar the camera is"- James Agee

Synonyms | Synonyms for Tricky: artful | catchy | crafty | cunning | difficult | dodgy | foxy | guileful | hard | knavish | slick | slippery | sly | tricksy | untrustworthy | untrusty | wily

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Tricky In Webster's Dictionary

\Trick"y\, a. Given to tricks; practicing deception; trickish; knavish.

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