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Quick Meaning & Definition
Quick Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Quick?

[n] any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)
[adv] with little or no delay; "the rescue squad arrived promptly"; "come here, quick!"
[adj] moving quickly and lightly; "sleek and agile as a gymnast"; "as nimble as a deer"; "nimble fingers"; "quick of foot"; "the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it"
[adj] easily aroused or excited; "a quick temper"; "a warm temper"
[adj] performed with little or no delay; "an immediate reply to my letter"; "prompt obedience"; "was quick to respond"; "a straightaway denial"
[adj] accomplished rapidly and without delay; "was quick to make friends"; "his quick reaction prevented an accident"; "hoped for a speedy resolution of the problem"; "a speedy recovery"; "he has a right to a speedy trial"
[adj] hurried and brief; "paid a flying visit"; "took a flying glance at the book"; "a quick inspection"; "a fast visit"
[adj] apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity; "a quick mind"; "a ready wit"

Synonyms | Synonyms for Quick: active | agile | excitable | fast | flying | hurried | immediate | intelligent | nimble | prompt | promptly | quickly | ready | speedy | spry | straightaway | warm

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Quick In Webster's Dictionary

\Quick\, a. [Compar. {Quicker}; superl. {Quickest}.] [As. cwic, cwicu, cwucu, cucu, living; akin to OS. quik, D. kwik, OHG. quec, chec, G. keck bold, lively, Icel. kvikr living, Goth. qius, Lith. q[=y]vas, Russ. zhivoi, L. vivus living, vivere to live, Gr. bi`os life, Skr. j[=i]va living, j[=i]v to live. Cf. {Biography}, {Vivid}, {Quitch grass}, {Whitlow}.] 1. Alive; living; animate; -- opposed to {dead} or {inanimate}. Not fully quyke, ne fully dead they were. --Chaucer. The Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom. --2 Tim. iv. 1. Man is no star, but a quick coal Of mortal fire. -- Herbert. Note: In this sense the word is nearly obsolete, except in some compounds, or in particular phrases. 2. Characterized by life or liveliness; animated; sprightly; agile; brisk; ready. `` A quick wit.'' --Shak. 3. Speedy; hasty; swift; not slow; as, be quick. Oft he her his charge of quick return Repeated. --Milton. 4. Impatient; passionate; hasty; eager; eager; sharp; unceremonious; as, a quick temper. The bishop was somewhat quick with them, and signified that he was much offended. -- Latimer. 5. Fresh; bracing; sharp; keen. The air is quick there, And it pierces and sharpens the stomach. -- Shak. 6. Sensitive; perceptive in a high degree; ready; as, a quick ear. ``To have an open ear, a quick eye.'' --Shak. They say that women are so quick. --Tennyson. 7. Pregnant; with child. --Shak. {Quick grass}. (Bot.) See {Quitch grass}. {Quick match}. See under {Match}. {Quick vein} (Mining), a vein of ore which is productive, not barren. {Quick vinegar}, vinegar made by allowing a weak solution of alcohol to trickle slowly over shavings or other porous material. {Quick water}, quicksilver water. {Quick with child}, pregnant with a living child. Syn: Speedy; expeditious; swift; rapid; hasty; prompt; ready; active; brisk; nimble; fleet; alert; agile; lively; sprightly.
\Quick\, adv. In a quick manner; quickly; promptly; rapidly; with haste; speedily; without delay; as, run quick; get back quick. If we consider how very quick the actions of the mind are performed. -- Locke.
\Quick\, n. 1. That which is quick, or alive; a living animal or plant; especially, the hawthorn, or other plants used in making a living hedge. The works . . . are curiously hedged with quick. --Evelyn. 2. The life; the mortal point; a vital part; a part susceptible of serious injury or keen feeling; the sensitive living flesh; the part of a finger or toe to which the nail is attached; the tender emotions; as, to cut a finger nail to the quick; to thrust a sword to the quick, to taunt one to the quick; -- used figuratively. This test nippeth, . . . this toucheth the quick. --Latimer. How feebly and unlike themselves they reason when they come to the quick of the difference ! --Fuller. 3. (Bot.) Quitch grass. --Tennyson.
\Quick\, v. t. & i. [See {Quicken}.] To revive; to quicken; to be or become alive. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

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