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Quarterly Meaning & Definition
Quarterly Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Quarterly?

[n] a periodical that is published every quarter
[adv] in three month intervals; "interest is compounded quarterly"
[adv] in diagonally opposed quarters of an escutcheon; "two coats of arms borne quarterly"
[adj] of or relating to or consisting of a quarter; "quarterly report"

Synonyms | Synonyms for Quarterly: every quarter

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Quarterly In Webster's Dictionary

\Quar"ter*ly\, a. 1. Containing, or consisting of, a fourth part; as, quarterly seasons. 2. Recurring during, or at the end of, each quarter; as, quarterly payments of rent; a quarterly meeting.
\Quar"ter*ly\, n.; pl. {Quarterlies}. A periodical work published once a quarter, or four times in a year.
\Quar"ter*ly\, adv. 1. By quarters; once in a quarter of a year; as, the returns are made quarterly. 2. (Her.) In quarters, or quarterings; as, to bear arms quarterly; in four or more parts; -- said of a shield thus divided by lines drawn through it at right angles.

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