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Mile Meaning & Definition
Mile Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Mile?

[n] a footrace extending one mile; "he holds the record in the mile"
[n] a unit of length equal to 1760 yards
[n] a Swedish unit of length equivalent to 10 km
[n] an ancient Roman unit of length equivalent to 1620 yards
[n] a unit of length used in navigation; equivalent to the distance spanned by one minute of arc in latitude; 1,852 meters
[n] a British unit of length equivalent to 1,853.18 meters (6,082 feet)
[n] a former British unit of length once used in navigation; equivalent to 1828.8 meters (6000 feet)
[n] a large distance; "he missed by a mile"

Synonyms | Synonyms for Mile: Admiralty mile | air mile | geographical mile | international nautical mile | knot | land mile | mi | naut mi | nautical mile | Roman mile | sea mile | stat mi | statute mile | Swedish mile

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Mile In Webster's Dictionary

\Mile\, n. [AS. m[=i]l, fr. L. millia, milia; pl. of mille a thousand, i. e., milia passuum a thousand paces. Cf. {Mill} the tenth of a cent, {Million}.] A certain measure of distance, being equivalent in England and the United States to 320 poles or rods, or 5,280 feet. Note: The distance called a mile varies greatly in different countries. Its length in yards is, in Norway, 12,182; in Brunswick, 11,816; in Sweden, 11,660; in Hungary, 9,139; in Switzerland, 8,548; in Austria, 8,297; in Prussia, 8,238; in Poland, 8,100; in Italy, 2,025; in England and the United States, 1,760; in Spain, 1,552; in the Netherlands, 1,094. {Geographical}, or {Nautical mile}, one sixtieth of a degree of a great circle of the earth, or 6080.27 feet. {Mile run}. Same as {Train mile}. See under {Train}. {Roman mile}, a thousand paces, equal to 1,614 yards English measure. {Statute mile}, a mile conforming to statute, that is, in England and the United States, a mile of 5,280 feet, as distinguished from any other mile.

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