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Joggle Meaning & Definition
Joggle Definition And Meaning

What's The Definition Of Joggle?

[n] a slight irregular shaking motion
[n] a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together
[v] fasten or join with a joggle
[v] move to and fro; "Don't jiggle your finger while the nurse is putting on the bandage!"

Synonyms | Synonyms for Joggle: dowel | dowel pin | jiggle | jiggle | wiggle

Related Terms | Find terms related to Joggle:

See Also | agitate | fasten | fastener | fastening | fix | fixing | holdfast | secure | shake | shaking | wag | waggle

Joggle In Webster's Dictionary

\Jog"gle\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Joggled}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Joggling}.] [Freq. of jog.] 1. To shake slightly; to push suddenly but slightly, so as to cause to shake or totter; to jostle; to jog. 2. (Arch.) To join by means of joggles, so as to prevent sliding apart; sometimes, loosely, to dowel. The struts of a roof are joggled into the truss posts. --Gwilt.
\Jog"gle\, v. i. To shake or totter; to slip out of place.
\Jog"gle\, n. [Arch.] A notch or tooth in the joining surface of any piece of building material to prevent slipping; sometimes, but incorrectly, applied to a separate piece fitted into two adjacent stones, or the like. {Joggle joint} (Arch.), a joint in any kind of building material, where the joining surfaces are made with joggles.

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