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LFS Meaning
LFS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LFS?

Amphibious Warfare Fire Support Ship
Labor Force Survey
Laboratory Fortifying Stock
Laboratory of Forensic Science
Labour Force Survey
Lancaster Finishing School
Landing Force Support
Large File Support
Lateral facet syndrome
Latest finishing shift
Launch Facilities
Launch Facility Simulator
LEED Fine Structure
Legacy Financial Systems
Leukaemia-free survival
Leukemia-free survival
Li fraumeni syndrome
Li-Fraumeni syndrome
Limbic forebrain structure
Link Fault Sectionalization
Link Fault Signaling
Linux From Scratch
Liver function series
Local File System
Local Fish Store
Local Format Storage
Log File Service
Log Structured File System
Log-structured File System
Logical File Structure
Logical File System
Loopback file system
Loral Federal Systems
Low fat spread
Low Flying System
Low Frequency Sonar
Low-frequency sonophoresis
Low-Frequency Spectrum
Low-frequency stimulation
Lymphoid follicles
Sisters of the Little Flower of Child Jesus

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