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LFC Meaning
LFC Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LFC?

Aero Control Air
Lafayette Fire Company
Lake Forest College
Laminar Flow Control
Laminar Forced Convection
Lamp fault code
Land Force Command
Land Forces Command
Landing Force Commander
Large Format Camera
Large Format Cell
Laser flow cytometry
Lateral femoral condyle
Lateral femoral cutaneous
Layer of Free Convection
LCD Flicker Compensation
LCG File Catalog
Legislative Finance Committee
Level of free convection
Liberty Fire Company
Linglestown Fire Company
Link FBUS Controller
Literacy First Charter
Living female child
Load Frequency Control
Local Files Check
Local Forms Control
Local Function Capabilities
Local Functional Capability
Londonderry Fire Company
Longwood Fire Company
Loss-free counting
Lost-Foam Casting
Low Fan Control
Low fat and cholesterol
Low Frequency Correlator
Low-Frequency Cycle
Lower Front Cover
Lowest-Feasible Concentration
Lymphoma Foundation Canada
Lymphoma Research Foundation Canada

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