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LFA Meaning
LFA Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LFA?

Air Alfa
Lake Forest Academy
Large Frame Aircraft
Largest Frame Acceptable
Latin For Americans
Lead Federal Agency
Lead Field Activity
Left femoral artery
Left forearm
Left fronto-anterior
Left frontoanterior
Less Favored Areas
Less favoured area
Leucocyte function antigen
Leukocyte function antigen
Leukocyte function-associated
Leukocyte function-associated antigen
Leukocyte functional antigen
Leukotactic factor activity
Levofolinic acid
Liberty Family Academy
Light Field Ambulance
Limax flavus
Limax flavus agglutinin
Line Feature Action
Link Field Address
Load Flow Analysis
Lobster Fishing Area
Local Feature Analysis
Local Flying Area
Log Frame Analysis
Logical Framework Analysis
Logical Framework Approach
Logistic Function Area
Long Format Advertising
Loss of Frame Alignment
Low Flow Alarm
Low Flying Area
Low Frequency Act
Low Frequency Active
Low frequency adjunct
Low friction arthroplasty
Low Functioning Autism
Low Functioning Autistic
Low-friction arthroplasties
Low-friction arthroplasty
Luggage Free Airline
Lupus Foundation of America
Lymphocyte function antigen
Lymphocyte function associated antigen
Lymphocyte function-associated
Lymphocyte functional activity

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