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LDS Meaning
LDS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LDS?

Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Labor Distribution System
Labyrinthine-defective subjects
Lacrimal drainage system
Landesamt fur Datenverarbeitung und Statistik
Landing, Deceleration and Safing
Landing, Deservicing and Safing
Landing/Deceleration Subsystem
Language Development Survey
Large disk storage
Laser Dazzle Sight
Laser Deposition System
Laser Detecting Set
Laser Detection System
Laser Docking Sensor
Laser Doppler scanning
Late developmental stage
Latter Day Saint
Latter Day Saints
Latter-Day Saint
Latter-day Saints
Launch Detection Satellite
Layered Defense System
Leadership Development Simulator
Leadership for a Democratic Society
Leaflet Delivery System
Leak Detection System
Learning disabilities
Learning disorders
Legacy Distribution System
Level Discrete Set
Lexington Discrimination System
Library Delivery System
Licentiate in Dental Surgery
Light Distillate Spirit
Lightguide Distribution System
Lightning Detection System
Lightweight Decontamination System
Limb deficiencies
Limited Defense System
Linear Data Set
Linear Dichroism Spectrometry
Linked Data Structure
Linux Development Suite
Lipid droplets
Lipids in Diabetes Study
Lipodystrophy syndrome
Liquid delivery system
Lithium dodecyl sulfate
Livermore Data System
Livestock Development Strategy
Living donors
Load Demand Spindle
Loan for Disadvantaged Students
Local Data Service
Local Development Scheme
Local Digital Switch
Local Digital Switches
Local Distribution Service
Local Distribution System
Local Dive Shop
Location Dependent Service
Locked door seclusion
Logic Design System
Logic Digital Switch
Logical Data Set
Logistic Data System
Logistics Data System
Long days
Long Distance Service
Long Distance Signal
Loral Defense Systems
Lotus Discovery Server
Low-Dimensional Structures
Low-dose streptozocin
Lower Data Strobe
Luyten Double Star

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