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LDR Meaning
LDR Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LDR?

Aero Lider
Labor delivery room
Labor Distribution Reporting
Labor, delivery, recovery
Land Disposal Restriction
Land Disposal Restrictions
Landauer, Inc.
Large Deployable Reflector
Lead Development Representative
Lean Depot Repair
Lifetime data repository
Ligase detection reaction
Ligation detection reaction
Light Dependant Resistor
Light Dependant Resistors
Light Dependent Resistor
Light Detect Resistor
Light-Dependent Resistor
Limited distribution reports
Limiting Dome Ratio
Limiting Draw Ratio
Line Driver Receiver
Line Driver-Receiver
Linear depolarization ratio
Linear dynamic range
Local Data Record
Local Data Records
Local Distribution Radio
Local Dump and Restore
Local Dynamic Routing
Long direct repeat
Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Route
Long-Distance Relationship
Long-distance runners
Long-duration response
Lounge-dining room
Low Data Rate
Low dose rate
Low dose rate brachytherapy
Low-dose radiation

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