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LDD Meaning
LDD Meaning

What's The Meaning Of LDD?

La Dee Da
Land Degradation & Development
Land Development Desktop
Laser Demonstration Device
Laser Designator Detector
Leader Development Division
Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities
Learning Difficulties or Disabilities
Learning Difficulty or Disability
Legion of Dynamic Discord
Lhermitte duclos disease
Lifetime Drain Doping
Light Duty Diesel
Light-dark discrimination
Lightly doped drain
Limited Distance Dialing
Linear Delay Distortion
Liquefy, digest and discharge
Little Deluded Dupes
Local Data Distribution
Local Development District
Local Development Documents
Local drug delivery
Logic Design Data
Logical Data Description
Logical Data Design
Logical Data Dictionary
Logical Database Design
Logical Device Driver
Logical Document Determination
Long-distance dispersal
Lotus Developer Domain
Low-dose dobutamine
Low-dose dopamine
Low-dose doxycycline
Lumbar disc disease
Luminaire Dirt Depreciation
Lunar Dust Detector

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