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FACTS Meaning
FACTS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of FACTS?

Facilities Administration Control and Time Schedule
Facilities and Company Tracking System
Facilities Assets Catalog and Tracking System
Facsimile Transmission System
Families And Community Together For Students
FDF Automated Control and Tracking System
Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
Field Accomplishments and Compliance Tracking System
Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System
Financial Airxpress
Financing Alternative Computer Terminal System
Financing Analysis Cost and Testing Service
Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System
Flip augment cobra tow sight
FLIR Augmented COBRA TOW Sight
Florida Academic Counseling And Tracking System
Food and Commodity Tracking System
Frequency Assignment Computer Terminal System
Frontiers of Applied Contemporary Technology and Sciences
Fully Automated Computer Trading System
Functional Angiometric Correlation with Thallium Scintigraphy
Fundamentals For Academic Career Technical Success
Future Area Control Tools Support

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