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FACS Meaning
FACS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of FACS?

Facial Action Coding System
Facilities Access Control System
Facilities Assignment and Control System
Facilities Assignment Control System
Facilities Control
Facility Administration Control System
Facility Assignment and Control System
Facility Assignment Control System
Facility fir Access Control and Security
Fair Access to Care Services
Family and Community Services
Family and Consumer Sciences
Fast access to critical solutions
Fatty acid-amino acid conjugates
Fatty acyl CoA synthetase
Feature Access Codes
Feature and Attribute Coding Standard
Feature Attribute Coding Standard
Feature Attribute Coding System
Federal Acquisition Circulars
Federation of American Controlled Shipping
Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
Fellow American College of Surgeons
Fellow of the Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
Fellow of the American Ceramic Society
Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
Field Army Communication System
Field Assets Control System
Field-Activated Combustion Synthesis
Final Administration Cost System
Finance and Control System
Financial Accounting and Contractual Status
Financial Accounting and Control System
Financial Accounting Code System
Financial and Contractual Status
Financial and Contractual System
Fine Arts Cultural Studies
Fine Attitude Control System
Firmware ACPI Control Structure
First Assembly Christian School
Fleet Area Control and Surveillance
Flight Augmentation Computer System
Flourescence-activated cell sorter
Flow activated cell sorter
Fluorescein-activated cell sorter
Fluorescein-activated cell sorting
Fluorescence activated cell sorter
Fluorescence activated cell sorting
Fluorescence assisted cell sorting
Fluorescence atom-coincidence spectroscopy
Fluorescence-activated cell scanning
Fluorescence-activated cell sorted
Fluorescence-activated cell sorter
Fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis
Fluorescence-activated cell sorting
Fluorescence-activated cell sorting analysis
Fluorescence-assisted cell sorter
Fluorescent activated cell sorter
Fluorescent activated cell sorting
Fluorescent antibody cell sorter
Fluorescent aromatic compounds
Fluorescent-Activated Cell Sorter
Foamy alveolar casts
Focal adhesion complexes
Formal Aspects Of Computing Science
Fort Ann Central School
Forum for Access Studies
Forward Air Controllers
Forward Area Control System
Frequency Allocation Coordinating Subcommittee
Fully Automatic Compiling System
Functional Area Chiefs
Functional Area Control System
Future armored combat system

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