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FAC Meaning
FAC Meaning

What's The Meaning Of FAC?

Atlantic Helicopters
Facilities Administration Center
Facilities Advisory Council
Facilities Available Conference
Facility Advisory Committee
Facility Anomaly Chief
FACility message
Facility Modifications
Facility Object
Facility Requirements Code
Factorial analysis of correspondence
Factual Report
Facultative reinsurance
Faculty Advisory Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee
Failure Analysis Committee
Familial adenomatosis coli
Family Advisory Committee
Family Advocacy Committee
Family Assistance Center
Fan Alarm Card
Fanconi Anemia group C
Fanconi anemia group C gene
Farnborough Aerospace Consortium
Fast Access Channel
Fast Affinity Chromatography
Fast as can
Fast Attack Craft
Fast-Acting Closure
Feature Access Code
Feature analysis code
Featured Article Candidate
Featured article candidates
Federal Acquisition Circular
Federal Acquisition Circulars
Federal Administrative Charge
Federal Advisory Committee
Federal Airports Corporation
Federal Atomic Commission
Federal Audiovisual Committee
Federal Audit Clearinghouse
Federal Aviation Commission
Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
Federation of Automatic Control
Fellowship Admissions Course
Femoral arterial cannulation
Ferric ammonium citrate
Fetal abdominal circumference
Field Accelerator
Field Advisory Committee
File Access Channel
File Access Code
File Access Codes
Filter, air, cleanable
Final acceptance criterion
Final approach course
Final assembly code
Financial and Administrative Committee
Financial Attack Center
Fine Arts College
First Aid Cases
First Appointment Courses
First Article Capability
First Article Configuration
Flight Assembly Code
Flight Augmentation Computer
Florida Adminastrative Code
Florida Administrative Code
Flow assisted corrosion
Fluorescent aromatic compound
Fluorescent aromatic compounds
Fluoroacetic Acid
Fluorouracil, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide
Foamy alveolar cast
Focal active colitis
Focal adhesion complex
Food Advisory Committee
Food Aid Convention
Food and Agriculture Committee
Force Accounting Code
Forced Authorization Code
Ford Aerospace Corporation
Forearm arterial compliance
Foreign Affairs Canada
Foreign Air Carrier
Formerly Abducted Children
Forward Air Control
Forward Air Controll
Forward Air Controller
Forward Air Controllers
Forwarding Agent's Commission
Forwarding Agents Commission
Fractional area change
Fractional area changes
Fractional area of contraction
Fractured Ac
Free airway cells
Free available chlorine
Freestanding Ambulatory Care
Freestanding Ambulatory Center
Freight Assembly Center
Frequency Allocation Committee
Friday Afternoon Club
Frontal affinity chromatography
Fuel Adjustment Clause
Functional Account Code
Functional Account Codes
Functional Activity Code
Functional Advisory Committee
Functional aerobic capacity
Functional ambulation categories
Functional Ambulation Category
Functional Array Calculator
Funds at completion
Fuse Arming Computer

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