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FAB Meaning
FAB Meaning

What's The Meaning Of FAB?

Fabricate, Fabrication
FABrication plant
Facility Advisory Board
Fast Action Battles
Fast Action Button
Fast atom bombardment
Fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry
Fastidious anaerobe broth
Fatty acid biosynthetic
Feature And Benefit
Features attributes benefits
Federal Advisory Board
Fee Administration Board
Feline Advisory Bureau
FEMA Advisory Board
FFForward Avionics Bay
Fibrinopeptides A and B
Field Advisory Board
Field Artillery Battalion
Field Artillery Board
Field Artillery Brigade
Field Assistance Branch FAC
Filter, air, bag
Final Adjudication Branch
Finance and Budget
Fire alarm bell
First aid box
First Air
Five Against Bond
Five Against Bond Spread
Flight Assignment Baseline
Forecast Applications Branch
Formalin ammonium bromide
Forum for Accreditation Bodies
Forward avionics bay
Fraction actually burned
Fragment antigen binding
Fragment, antigen-binding
Fragments antigen binding
Frederick County Public Schools
French American British
French american british cooperative group
French, American and British
French-American-British classification
French-American-British group
Frit-fast atom bombardment
Frontal Assessment Battery
Fuckin' A, Bubba
Functional Airspace Block
Functional Airspace Blocks
Functional arm brace

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