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FAA Meaning
FAA Meaning

What's The Meaning Of FAA?

Facility Accepted Message
Failure Analysis Activity
Fair Air Act
False Alarm Avoidance
Familial aortic aneurysm
Fanconi anaemia A
Fanconi anemia A
Fatty acid activation
Fedearl Aviation Administration's
Federación Agraria Argentina
Federal Aeronautical Administration
Federal Agricultural Administration
Federal Avation Authorities
Federal Aviation Act
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Aviation Administration's
Federal Aviation Adminsitration
Federal Aviation Adminstration
Federal Aviation Agency
Federal Aviation Association
Federal Aviation Authority
Fellow, Institution of Administrative Accountants
Fertility-associated antigen
Fetal abdominal area
Field Action Analysis
Fifth Avenue Academy
Financial Administration Act
Financial Aid Administrator
Financial Assistance Awards
Fine Arts Academy
Flavone acetic acid
Flavone-8-acetic acid
Fleet Air Arm
Florida Air Academy
Flow Admission Acknowledge
Fluid Applied Asphalt
Focus on Atmospheric Aerosols
Folic acid antagonist
Food-anticipatory activity
For Appropriate Action
Forças Armadas de Angola
Forced Agent Availability
Foreign Assistance Act
Foreign Assistant Act
Forward alighting area
Forward Assembly Area
Forward Assembly Areas
Fragmented atrial activity
Fraternal Actuarial Association
Free amino acid
Free amino acids
Free available ammonia
Free of all average
Frequency Assignment Authority
Fresh acid add
Fuel assembly area
Functional Area Analysis
Functional area appraisal
Functional Area Assessment
Functional Area Assessments
Functional Assessment Area
Fund Administering Activity
Furnace Atomic Absorption

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