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CSC Meaning
CSC Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CSC?

Cadmium-Sulfide Cell
Calcium Strontium Cuprate
Calf skin collagen
California Science Center
California Service Center
California Service Corps
California State College
California Surveying Corporation
Call Session Controller
Call Signalling Channel
Cambridge School Certificate
CAMS Support Center
Canada Safety Council
Canadian Securities Course
Canadian Society for Chemistry
Canadian Spectroscopy Conference
Canadian Standards Committee
Canadian Symposium on Catalysis
Cancer stem cell
Capability Steering Committee
Card Security Code
Card Sequence Code
Card Sequencing Code
Cardiac stem cell
Cardiac Surgery Certification
Cardinal Stritch College
Career Services Center
Cargo Service Center
Cargo Services Conference
Cargo System Controller
Carl Sandburg College
Cartridge Short Case
Cartridge Storage Case
Cask shield cover
Castleton State College
Caston School Corporation
Casuarina Senior College
Catalytic Surface Conversion
Cathode-strip chamber
Catholic Students Council
Cell Site Controller
Cell surface complex
Center for Scientific Computing
Center for Strategic Competitiveness
Center for Studies in Civilizations
Central Safety Computer
Central Security Control
Central serous chorioretinopathy
Central serous choroidopathy
Central Site Controller
Central State College
Central Switching Center
Central Switching Controller
Centralized Servicing Center
Centre for Surveillance Coordination
Centre for the Study of Conflict
Centrifugal Shot Casting
CERN School of Computing
Certified School Counselor
Certified Senior Consultant
Certified Spiritual Counselor
Certified Supervisor Consultant
Cervical sympathetic chain
Ceylon Shipping Corporation
Chadron State College
Cheyenne Sales Company
Cheyney State College
Chico State College
Chief Sector Control
Child Service Coordinator
China Steel Corporation
Chinese Students Club
Chondroitin sulfate C
Church Schools Company
Cigarette smoke concentrate
Cigarette smoke condensate
Cigarette smoke condensates
Circuit Signaling Channel
Circuit Supervision Control
Circuit Switched Cellular
Circuit Switching Center
Circulating stem cells
Civil Service College
Civil Service Commission
Clarion State College
Clark Seif Clark
Client server computing
Client Side Caching
Client System Component
Clock Synchronization Circuit
Closed System Chamber
Cloud System Center
COARE Sounding Coordinator
Coastal Sea Control
Coastal Services Center
Coastal Surveillance Center
Colby-Sawyer College
Collagen sponge contraceptive
College of Saint Catherine
Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Color Space Conversion
Color Sub-Carrier
Colorado State College
Combat Stress Control
Combat Support Cell
Combat support center
Combat Support Company
Combined Service Command
Combined Shear Contour
Command and Staff College
Command and Staff Course
Commander in chief's Strategic Concept
Commercial Space Center
Commercial Space Centers
Commercial Stripped Chassis
Commercial Synchronous Communication
Commodity Software Change
Common Signaling Channel
Common Signaling Channels
Common Signalling Channel
Common Supplier Code
Common Support Concept
Commonwealth Science Council
Commonwealth Scientific Committee
Commonwealth Scientific Corporation
Communication Service Controller
Communications Satellite Corporation
Communications Systems Center
Community of the Sisters of the Church
Community Service Center
Community services card
Community Services Center
Community Services Council
Community support center
Computational Science Center
Computer Science
Computer Science Company
Computer Science Conference
Computer Science Corporation
Computer Science Corporation's
Computer Sciences Copr
Computer Sciences Corp
Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Sciences Corporation's
Computer Security Center
Computer Security Coordinator
Computer Society of Canada
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Components
Computer Software Configuration
Computer Support Collaboration
Computer Support Coordinator
Computer System Command
Computer Systems Consulting
Computer systems coordinator
Computer-Services Companies
Computing Service Cell
Computing System Commissioning
Conditional Sales Contract
Configuration Software Component
Configuration Switch Controller
Congregatio Sanctae Crucis
Congregation of The Sisters Of Charity
Congsheng Capsule
Conical shaped charge
Conical-Shaped Charge
Conners State College
Connex South Central
Conserved Successive Collision
Conspicuous Service Cross
Constant Structure Creep
Construction Safety Council
Construction Specifications Canada
Constructive Service Credit
Consulting Support Center
Consumer Service Card
Container Service Charge
Contingency Sample Collection
Contingency Support Center
Contractor's Safety Case
Control Signalling Code
Control Systems Consultants
Convention for Safe Containers
Convention for Safety Containers
Convention of Safe Containers
Convention of the Safe Services
Conventional Systems Committee
Convoy support center
Cooktown Spearfishing Club
Coppin State College
Core Standby Cooling
Core Support Capability
Corporate Services Centre
Correctional Service Canada
Correctional Service of Canada
Correctional Services Canada
Cospas-Sarsat Council
Cottonseed cake
Counter Strike Classic
Countrywide Security Corporation
Course and Speed Computer
Creeping line single-unit coordinated
Critical Service Circuit
Criticality Safety Committee
Criticality safety control
Cross sectional compliance
Cryogen spray cooling
Cryogenic storage container
Cube-Surface Coil
Culver-Stockton College
Curriculum Services Canada
Customer Service Center
Customer Service Centre
Customer Service Change
Customer Service Consultant
Customer Service Coordinator
Customer Support Center
Customer Support Consortium
Cyclosporin C
Cytokine-secreting cell
International Convention for Safe Containers
Sichuan Airlines
Supervision and Control Commission

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