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CSB Meaning
CSB Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CSB?

Cable Services Bureau
Calif School For the Blind
California School for the Blind
Called Subscriber Busy
Canada Savings Bond
Canada Savings Bonds
Canada Service Bureau
Canadian Savings Bond
Canadian Society for Biomechanics
Canister Storage Building
Cardiac sensitivity to baroreflex
Career Status Bonus
Careers Service Branch
Central Services Bureau
Central-Side Busy
Ceramic Side Brazed
Certification Signature Block
Change Schedule Board
Channel Supervision Bit
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
Chemical Safety Board
Chemical Species Balance
Cheyne-Stokes Breathing
Chondroitin sulfate B
Christian Science Bachelor
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding, Inc.
Class Schedule Book
Client Service Bureau
Client Support Bulletin
Close Silo Basing
Closely Spaced Basing
Coarse Slip Band
Cockayne syndrome B
Cockayne syndrome B protein
Cockayne syndrome group B
Cockayne syndrome group B protein
Coherent Surface Bremsstrahlung
Collection Support Brief
College of Saint Benedict
College of Saint Benilde
Combat Support Battalion
Common Services for Borrowers
Common Support Building
Commonwealth Sickness Benefits
Community Services Advisory Board
Community Services Board
Community Services Bureau
Community Services for the Blind
Companies Services Branch
Competency Standard Body
Complex Support Building
Compulsive sexual behavior
Computer Support Base
Concentrate Storage Building
Concrete Splash Block
Congenital short bowel
Connection Server Broker
Conserved sequence block
Conserved sequence blocks
Constant support base
Consumer Sounding-Board
Contaminated small bowel
Continuing Systems Business
Contracting Support Brigade
Corn Soya Blend
Coronary sinus blood
Corps Support Battalion
Countering Systemic Bias
CS complementation group B
CS group B
Current Situation Branch
Customer Service Branch
Customer Services Branch
Customer Support Branch
IATA code for Cambridge Municipal Airport, Cambridge, Nebraska, United States
IATA code for Caransebes Airport, Caransebes, Romania

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