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CRU Meaning
CRU Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CRU?

Card Reader Unit
Cardiac rehabilitation unit
Cardiopulmonary Rebreathing Unit
Cartridge Replay Unit
Catalytic Research Unit
Central Reexamination Unit
Chemical Research Unit
Chronic retention of urine
Civilian Repair Unit
Clear Radar Upgrade
Climate Research Unit
Climatic Research Unit
Clinical research unit
Cocoa Research Unit
Combined rotating unit
Command and Response Unit
Command Reformatter Unit
Commodities Research Unit
Communications Register Unit
Community Relations Unit
Community Resource Unit Incorporated
Compensation Recovery Unit
Competitive repopulating unit
Competitive repopulating units
Complaint Resolution Unit
Computer Resource Unit
Computer Resource Utilization
Concentration Receiving Unit
Condition Register Unit
Confirmed Registered User
Conformational Repeat Unit
Constant rate of uplift
Constitutional repeating unit
Consultancy and Research Unit
Control and Reporting Unit
Converter Regulator Unit
Cooperative Research Unit
CR unconfirmed
Crime Reduction Unit
Crime Reporting Unit
Crisis receiving unit
Crops Research Unit
Cryogenic Unit
Current of Run-Unit
Custody Records Unit
Customer Replaceable Unit

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