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CRS Meaning
CRS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CRS?

C02 Reduction Subsystem
Calibration Requirements Summary
California Radiological Society
Call Recording Stream
Call Redirection Subscription
Call Relay Service
Call Reporting System
Cambridge Reference Sequence
CAMP-responsive sequences
Can't Remember Shit
Can't Remember Squat
Can't remember stuff
Canadian Rocket Society
Cancer registries
Captopril renal scintigraphy
Carbondioxyde Reduction Subsystem
Cardiovascular risk score
Carolina rinse solution
Carpenter Technology Corporation
Carrier Routing System
Catalog Request Service
Cataloging Reengineering System
Catheter-related sepsis
Catholic Relief Service
Catholic Relief Services
Caudal regression syndrome
Cavity-ringdown spectrometer
Celestial Reference System
Cell Relay Service
Cell Relay Services
Center for Radio Science
Center for Remote Sensing
Center for Resource Studies
Center for Road Safety
Central Radar System
Central Registry System
Central Repeater System
Central Reservation Service
Central Reservation System
Central Reservation Systems
Central Reservations System
Centralized Results System
Centralized Route Selection
Centre de la Recherche Scientifique
Centre for Rajasthani Studies
Centre for Refugee Studies
Centrex Resale Service
Centrex Resale Services
Cerium Ruthenium Selenide
Certificate Request Syntax
Certified remediation specialist
Certified remodeler specialist
Certified Residential Specialist
Certified rug specialist
Chairmans Readiness System
Chalmers Road School
Change Request Sheet
Change Requests
Character Recognition System
Chemical Registry System
Chest radiographs
Child Restraint Seat
Child restraint system
Child Restraint Systems
Children's Rehabilitative Services
Chinese restaurant syndrome
Chronic rhinosinusitis
Circadian regulatory sequence
Circuit Reset Sending
CIS Receiver Suite
Cis repression signal
Cis retinoic acid
Civil Rights Staff
Clamp Rest Screw
Clarke Road School
Climax Research Services
Clinical Rating Scale
Clinical reminders
Clinical remissions
Clinical Reporting System
Clinical Research Services
Clinical Research System
Clinical risk score
Cloud Radar System
Clouds and Radiative Swath
Cluster Ready Services
Co-operative Retail Society
CO2 Reduction Subsystem
Coast Radio Station
Coastal radio station
Coasting Richer System
Coating Removal System
Coding repeats
Cold Rolled Steel
Cold-restraint stress
Cold-Rolled Section
Cold-Rolled Steel
College Republicans
Colon and rectum surgery
Colonoscopy Report Shuttle
Colorado Revised Statutes
Coma Recovery Scale
Combined Reconnaissance System
Combined Recording Site
Comercial Aerea
COMIREX Requirements Structure
Command Relations Study
Command Relay Section
Command Retrieval System
Commercial Resupply Services
Commercial Risk Services
Commercially Rapidly Solidified
Common Rail System
Common Remoting Standards
Common Robotic System
Common Runtime Support
Commonwealth Record Series
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
Communicating Rule Systems
Communication Replacement System
Communications Relay Set
Community Rating System
Community Rehabilitation Services
Community Relations Service
Community Relations Staff
Community Residences
Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité
Company Sergeant Major
Comparative Respiratory Society
Complement receptors
Complete regressions
Complete remissions
Complete responders
Complete responses
Complex Reconfiguration Study
Compliance of the respiratory system
Compliance of the total respiratory system
Component Repair Squadron
Component requirement schedule
Comprehensive Retrieval Subsystem
Comprehensive risk score
Compression ratios
Compression Resilient Seated
Computer Readable Service
Computer Recognition System
Computer Reservation System
Computer Reservation Systems
Computer Reservations System
Computer Resources Support
Computerised Reservation System
Computerized Radiation Scanners
Computerized Radio Station
Computerized Reservation System
Computerized Retrieval Service
Concentration ratios
Conditional responses
Conditioned eyeblink responses
Conditioned reflexes
Conditioned responding
Conditioned responses
Conductivity recording switch
Conference Reservation System
Conference Room Scheduling
Confidential Reporting Scheme
Configuration Report Server
Congenital rubella syndrome
Congressional Reporting System
Congressional Research Service
Congressional Research Services
Congressional Resource Service
Consensus repeats
Conserved regions
Console Replacement System
Constant Returns to Scale
Contain repressor sequences
Container recovery system
Containment Rupture Signal
Content Replication Server
Content Replication Service
Content Revenue Strategies
Continuing Resolutions
Contraceptive Retail Sales
Contract Reconciliation System
Contractor Registration System
Control and reporting school
Control and Reporting System
Control rod systems
Control room supervisor
Control Room Supervisors
Controlled Release Society
Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness
Coordinate Reference Systems
Coordinate Representation Sudden
Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization
Coordinator of Reconstruction and Stabilization
Core restraint system
Correctional Reporting System
Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Cortical rods
Cosmic ray source
Cosmic Ray Subsystem
Cosmic Ray System
Cosmic-Ray Scattering
Cost Repercussion Sheet
Council Of Residential Specialists
Creatine supplementation
Creditor Reporting System
Crescendo Driver
Crew Rescue System
Cryptidin-related sequence
Crystal Spectrometer
Cultural resource survey
Current Readiness System
Current Research Summaries
Custom Redirect Service
Customer Ready Solutions
Customer Ready Systems
Customer Record Set
Customer Records
Customer Report System
Customer Reservation System
Customer Reserved Stock
Customer Response Solutions
Cutaneous radiation syndrome
Cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase
Cytokine release syndrome
Cytoplasmic retention signal
Cytoreductive surgery
IATA code for Corsicana Municipal Airport, Corsicana, Texas, United States

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