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CRR Meaning
CRR Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CRR?

C-repeat region
Cable Routing Rotation
Calibration, Repair and Return
Call Request Retrieval
Call Request Retrieve
Capabilities and requirements review
Carbo Ceramics, Inc.
Carbon removal rate
Cargo Readiness Review
Cash Reserve Ratio
Cash Reserve Requirement
Cathode Ray Recording
Center for Radiation Research
Center for Renewable Resources
Central Resource Registration
Certificate Revocation Request
Change request reply
Characterization Reconciliation Report
Churchill Research Range
Circuit Reset Reception
Clinchfield Railroad
Cognizant regional representative
Colorado Reptile Rescue
Common Reference Receiver
Common retained region
Comparison Risk Ranking
Competition and Regulatory Reviews
Complete remission rate
Component Repair Record
Computer Run Report
Congestion Revenue Rights
Constant Relative Resolution
Constant Ringing Relay
Cool Running Rotor
Coordinated Resource Recovery
Corby's Royal Reserve
Correct Rejection Rate
Credential Record Reference
Crew Readiness Review
Crew reasons
Critical Requirements Review
CSX Transportation
CSX Transportation Incorporated
Cultural resource review
Cumulative revision rate
Customer Response Representative
Cutover readiness review
Cyanide-resistant respiration
Cyclic Resistance Ratio
Cysteine-rich region
Francfort and Cincinnati
Seaboard System Railroad

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