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CRM Meaning
CRM Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CRM?

Call Record Management
Camera Ready Materiel
Camera Ready Mechanical
Canadian Risk Management
Canadian Risk Managers
Canalith repositioning maneuver
Carotid rete mirabile
Cash Register Machine
Cell Rate Margin
Center for Radiation-Hardened Microelectronics
Centre de Recherche Minérales
Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques
Certificate in Risk Management
Certified Record Manager
Certified Records Manager
Certified reference material
Certified Reference Materials
Certified Risk Manager
Change Request Management
Change Review Meeting
Character Recognition Module
Charge residue model
Chemical Release Module
Chemical remanent magnetization
Chemical Review Manager
Chinese Railway Ministry
Circuit Reservation Message
Circumferential resection margin
Citrus red mite
Civil Rights Movement
Client Relationship Management
Client Relationship Manager
Cloud Resolving Model
Cloud-Resolving Model
CNA Research Memorandum
Coastal Resource Management
Coastal Resources Management
Cockpit Resource Management
Cockpit Resources Management
Coding recognition module
Collateral Release Mechanism
Collection requirements management
Collision Risk Methodology
Collision Risk Model
Collision Risk Modelling
Colorectal metastases
Commander Mexicana
Committee on the Review of Medicines
Communication Resource Manager
Communications and records management
Communications Resource Manager
Community Resource Management
Community Resource Monitor
Company Resources Management
Compensating Resource Manager
Compliance Review Meeting
Component Resource Manager
Composite Risk Management
Comprehensive Resource Management
Computer Resource Management
Computer Resources Management
Concurrent Resource Manager
Conditioning-specific reflex modification
Configuration Resource Manager
Confocal Raman microspectroscopy
Confocal reflectance microscopy
Confusion Reflector Material
Connection Request Mode
Consecutive Reaction Monitoring
Consejo de Recursos Minerales
Consolidated Reference Model
Consumer Relationship Management
Contact Relationship Management
Containment Radiation Monitor
Continual reassessment method
Continuous radon monitor
Continuous Random Mat
Continuous Risk Management
Contract Requirements Monitor
Control and Reproducibility Monitor
Control and Reproductibility Monitor
Control Representation Mode
Control room module
Controllable Regex Mutilator
Controlled-release morphine
Controller Resource Management
Cooperative Research Monographs
Coordinated Resource Management
Core Resistant Mechanism
Core restraint mechanism
Core Restraint Mechanisms
Corporate Requirements Management
Corrective repair maintenance
Corrosion-Resistant Material
Cost/Resource Model
Count rate meter
Counter-Radar Measures
Counter-Radar Missile
Counting rate meter
Courtesy Reply Mail
Creatine monohydrate
Credit Risk Management
Cremophor EL
Crew Resource Management
Crew Resources Management
Crisis Response Measure
Cross-reacting material
Cross-reactive material
Crown-rump measurement
Cultural Resource Management
Customer Relation Management
Customer Relations Management
Customer Relations Manager
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management System
Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Resource Management
Customs Reforms and Modernisation
Cyber Record Manager
Cyclotron-resonance maser

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