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CRIS Meaning
CRIS Meaning

What's The Meaning Of CRIS?

Calibration Recall and Information System
Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme
Carrier Route Information System
Catheter-related infections
Center for Railways Information Systems
Center for Research on Internet in the Schools
Clinically related information system
Coastal Radar Integration System
Command Resources Information System
Command Retrieval Information System
Communications Resource Information Sharing
Compliance Research Information Systems
Comprehensive injury scale
Computer Resource Integrated Support
Computer Resources Integrated Support
Connector Removal and Installation Sheet
Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist
Controlled-release infusion system
Cooperative Research Information System
Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer
Creep Isostatic Pressing
Crisis Response Imaging System
Cross-reactive idiotypes
Cross-track Infrared Sounder
Crown Research Institutes
Curis, Inc.
Current Research Information System
Current Research Information Systems
Curriculum and Resource Information Service
Customer Record Information System
Customer Records and Information System
Customer Records and Information Systems
Customer Records Information System
Customer Relationship Interface System

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